1949 Ford Woody

I started restoring this car for my uncle Jim, but the project was cancelled after a year.  It was fun while it lasted.

The thumbnail links are all broken because this page is so old (and who needs them now that dial up is dead!), so I just threw the pictures at the bottom because I don't have as much time as I did back in 2000!

This is how it arrived in Michigan, after a 1700 mile commute from Montana

After taking 300 lbs of garbage to the dump, and stripping everything off the body, I was ready to pull the body off the chassis.

I built a cage out of scrap aluminum from work to lift the body off of the frame.

Now the frame was ready to come out.

I pulled Rhonda's car under the Woody just to see if there was room. I'm not sure if there was even an inch to spare. She freaked, it was great!

Once I started working on the body, I quickly realized that a rotisserie was the only way to go. I purchased some steel, and a weekend later the Woody was spinnin'!

The next step was to cut the rotted floorboards out and get all the thick rubber undercoating off.

Would you believe all this stuff fit in our basement?

This was a sad day.