The trailer took 4 days to build.  It is steel with aluminum extrusion runners that were originally bleacher seats.  They add a lot of strength for little added weight.  The axles are torsion arm with electric brakes.  Total cost was $1535 in materials.  The total weight is 1050 lbs.  It is 14 ft long.  A low cost aluminum 14 ft trailer made by Aluma weighs 1000 lbs and costs $3800.  Featherlites go much higher than that, so I consider it a success.

On the left below is a trailer my dad and I built many years ago.  It weighs 2000 lbs, has leaf spring axles, and sits much higher.

If I back the pick-up onto ramps, I can drive a normal car up the trailer without additional ramps.

With the pick-up on ramps, the tail is 6" off the ground, but the second the car tires hit it, the rear axle lets it down to the ground.  I will need to build ramps for the race car though.

It towed like a dream back to Texas.