Rhonda's 1996 SL



I like lawn shots!


This car follows my theme of "buy cheap, upgrade later."  Rhonda bought this car in college.  It was the cheapest Saturn you could buy, then they had A/C and cruise installed at the dealership.  It remained this way until we got married.  Then I made some mild upgrades.  Nothing wild, I just made it more like an SL2.  I installed the DOHC engine from an SL2, added power steering, put on a spoiler (which she had wanted for some time), upgraded to 15" wheels, and installed the SL2 interior, which I came across for free.  This dramatically helped my back on long trips, as they are more comfortable, and have lumbar.  I also installed the rear anti-sway bar from an SL2, to reduce the body roll on entrance ramps.  This allows me to go through corners, (and through tires!) at a higher rate of speed.  This car just keeps on chugging, and still looks great thanks to plastic panels.  Would I recommend a Saturn?  Well, I need another page for that story.  Better click here.


Click here for the engine swap story.



This is in Niagara Falls Canada for our 1st anniversary.