MR2's just seem to happen to me.  After high school in 1994, I stumbled across a totalled MR2 with a clean title.  I was trying to buy the spoiler for a project, and I ended up buying the whole car for $800.  I rebuilt it, had a blast driving it for a couple months, then sold it for $4000 to go to college.

Recently I was at a shop getting the truck charged with AC, sharing stories with the mechanic, as usually happens, and I notice a basket case in the corner.  They seem to jump out at me.  "What's up with the MR2?" I ask.  He proceeds to tell me that he took it off a one owner when the engine died.  He put in a used engine for $400 and drove it for a while.  He discovers it needs a head job, so he does that for $300, at the same time putting on a new timing belt and water pump.  Next thing he knows, it lost compression, and the bottom end had passed the 30 day warranty on the used engine.  Now he's burned out and wants out of it.  He tells me I can take it for $300, the price of the head job.  Next thing I know, I have a new project, and potential fuel sipper!  The pick-up gets 13.5 mpg and the clutch throw seems to get longer by the day.  This will be the first automatic transmission I've owned in about 10 years! 

And this is MR2.....#2  When it rains, it pours.  It doesn't run, but it looks good, and helped me figure out how to get the first one running.  Not quite sure what I will do with it yet.  Part it out, get it running?  I'll decide later.  The first one runs now.  The one above is an automatic, the one below is a manual.  Hmmmmm..........

It's not a bad looking car.

This is how you fit two cars in a one stall garage.

I built the engine in the dining room before I put the new floor down.  It was too hot in the garage to build it out there!

This was one of my most difficult builds, as I didn't take it apart.  I lined up the bolts by size and guessed at where they went by the quantity.

The finished product.

The engine runs great, and the $500 MR2 has bailed us out a couple times when the other cars have had problems.

For sale