The master bathroom

Original picture of the bathroom from our first visit to the house.

I should have taken better before pictures, but the maroon tiles kind of locked us into certain colors, and the gold anodized shower trim on the left was stained and nasty.

The tub was on the floor.  The boards around it show how much I raised it.

First the bottom piece of the drain was sealed to the floor.

I built the framework around the tub and poured concrete for the shower pan and tapered it to the bottom drain piece.

Next I laid a vinyl shower pan liner over the first layer of concrete.

Then I put the top drain piece in the center, and tapered another layer of concrete down to this drain.

Then I lifted the tub.  It's important that you use an aluminum racing jack from Harbor Freight for this job.

The rest pretty much speaks for itself.

And finally, paint.  We stole this color from our friends Mark and Jen.  It looks different in every picture, but it's a very warm color called Hopsock.  I has the ability to make all your problems go away.  The tile helps too.  I may live in this room.

The final product!