How to rid your lawnmower of evil

Premise #1:  Consumer lawnmower blade speeds have been limited to 1000 RPM for many years due to lawyers and insurance companies.

Premise #2: Lawyers and insurance companies are evil.

Goal: To rid my lawnmower of evil.

I decided to simultaneously clean off all the crud that was caked on the bottom of the deck.  There was a lot there.

Then I sandblasted the deck to get all the rust off.

I used POR-15 to paint it.  It's kind of like a brush on epoxy paint.

Now for the smaller sheaves.

I decreased the diameter by 30%, which increased the speed by 30%.  It took a lot of trial and error to get the right belt, but it worked.  It takes a little longer for the blades to get up to speed, and the engine bogs a little in the thick stuff.  I guess the engine will need some tweaking this Winter.  : )