November 22 Track Day

In the second session that I got to drive the car under full power, my lap times were getting faster and faster.  The third lap was a 2:02.856.  The fourth was a 2:03.512 because a lapped Miata slowed me down a bit.  The fifth lap was a 2.02.004!  On the 6th lap my overall lap time was .5 seconds faster in the first 1/3 of the straightaway. (It would be a bit misleading to use the end of the straightaway for a comparison point!)  I waited longer than ever to brake, hitting 120 mph, only 3 mph faster than the previous lap.  When I went for the brakes, there was more brake fade than I have ever experienced.  The pictures below explain why.  My actual speed leaving the track was 60 mph.