(The Name)


Drive Train



1996: The design begins

2004: Hayabusa Engine Purchased

2005: Formula Atlantic Donor Car Purchased

May 2010: Camaro Race Car is Sold

June 2010: Milling Machine Purchased

August 2010: Lathe Purchased

Currently: Frame Design in Process

September 2010:  Machining parts has begun

August 2011: Mock-up frame partially complete, enough to design frame in ACAD

September 2011: FEA analysis completed, 4130 chromoly tubing purchased

October 2011: Frame construction begins, see video below

November 2011 - February 2012: Life happens, home projects have bumped this project down in priority


Frame construction has begun on the TV1, but so is a new playroom for the kids, so I haven't touched it for months.  See the video below.


The dream started coming to fruition in 2005 as the budget started to ramp up.  A reversing gearbox from Quaife was purchased from England, a spiced up over bored 230 hp Hayabusa engine was purchased on Ebay, and a donor car for the suspension was purchased in the form of a Reynard 90H Formula Atlantic race car