I found a my first lizard in the back yard this Summer (2006), and couldn't get over how cool it was, but I decided to let it go.

Click here for Fence Lizard 101

About a month later, I saw my lizard friend again.  I decided to keep it this time.  They are called fence lizards.  They liked our apple crate in the backyard, as it resembles a fence, so I brought a couple pieces of it to them. 

Here he is all sprawled out after eating a big meal.  I think this proves that he is a male.

He's smaller than a quarter, yet he acts like he's ten feet tall.

This year (2007) we got a ton of rain and have an abundance of Geckos.  I am fascinated with baby lizards, and tonight (August 8) I came across the smallest one I've seen yet.

After catching the first one, I decided to catch a couple more.  I caught the one on the left and another that size.  Unlike fence lizards who can regenerate a tail when it is bitten off, geckos actually eject their tails when they think they need to.  The third one did this to me even though I didn't have a hold of his tail.  The tail then squirms around like a worm, which is supposed to attract the predator.

The little one hasn't eaten much yet, his body is much skinnier proportionately.  When I first saw him, I thought he might be a baby fence lizard that wasn't developed yet.  After catching the older two, it was clear that they were all geckos.  I'm not as big a fan of geckos.  They remind me of baby mice that haven't grown hair or eyelids yet.  For some reason I like lizards that can close their eyes and have scales.  I let all the geckos go after watching them for an hour or so.  Still hoping to catch a fence lizard this young.

Here's the latest pet lizard.  He seems well adapted to cage living, and has no problem eating crickets.  I think he'll be around for a while.

He hates getting picked up, but once he's in your hand, he is very comfortable.

Here's a good shot of the boys.

I think the big one is asserting dominance.