I recommend watching it on YouTube full screen in HD, but let it buffer first!

This is no reserve auction, this car WILL sell to the highest bidder!  I have achieved my goals with this car and my priorities have changed and I am ready to move on. 

I bought this car as a project car on Ebay with boxes of all the brand new parts listed below in late 2005 for $7000.  I bought it from the original owner who started the race car conversion.  He invested over $15000 in the car (not including buying the car new) but had to abandon the project.  I have spent roughly another $7000 and hundreds upon hundreds of hours of labor developing the car.  I have only driven the car around 300 track miles since I have owned it and since all the parts were purchased new.

I have done about one track day a year since I owned it, and then I work on the weak points and make it lighter and faster.  The huge tires provide 1.8g grip, the data even spikes at 2.0g.  This causes problems with fuel and oil delivery.  That is the reason for the fuel cell and the road race oil pan.  Brake cooling is another major problem for these cars.  It is no longer a problem with the brake cooling ducts.  I fought tire rubs for years until I finally mini-tubbed it.  You wouldn't believe how much the tires flex in hard cornering, which makes it difficult to figure out how much clearance is necessary in the shop.

You can take this car IMMEDIATELY to the track and you will be passing $100K+ street cars which is very satisfying.  I once believed that serious race cars needed independent suspension.  This car has proven me wrong.  I also believed that Camaros were only good for straight lines.  This car has proven me wrong.  These cars handle incredibly well on a road course.  This car would make an excellent autocross or drag car as well.

There is only one item to disclose: on hard right handers, the car burns some oil out the exhaust.  You can see it on the Youtube TMS video at 1:38.  One of the very experienced instructors at the TMS event believed it was oil pooling in the valve cover because it can't drain down fast enough.  It gets pulled in through the valve guides.  If I were going to run it again, I would replace the rubber valve guide seals.  This can be done without removing the head.  I was able to run my last two track days like it is, and still set some very fast laptimes.

NASA American Iron buyers: The front and rear frame rails have been cut.  The fronts to clear the brake duct tubing, the rear to fit the fuel cell.  NASA AI rules allow for rear structure to be removed if it is to add a safety fuel cell.  The front may not be allowed.  However, you can find the sheetmetal for these cars for little to no money and replace whatever you need to.  If you are going racing, $500 at a local bodyshop to make it rules legal will be insignificant.

The car ran 144 mph at the Texas Motor Speedway Roval.  At Eagles Canyon, after my last changes to the car, I ran a 2:01, a 1:59, and a 1:58 in that order before quitting to preserve the car for TMS, and the future owner.  The car could reach mid 1:50's with some more seat time and tuning.  If you are not local, that will not mean anything to you, but you can even go on YouTube and watch what kind of cars run under 2:00 at Eagle's Canyon and you will understand what a steal this is.

The first two pictures are how I bought the car:

This picture is before the fuel cell, but shows how elaborate the cage was.  Cage is made from 1.75" OD .120 wall DOM tubing.


During the build.

Hooker long tube headers, high flow heads, electric water pump, bigger injectors, high flow TB and MAF, power pulley.......

Adjustable lower control arms, tubular upper control arms, Eibach springs, Koni double adjustable shocks, Z06 Calipers and rotors, stainless brake lines.....


I had to cut part of the hex off the control arms and add offset bushings to fit bigger tires.


Bilstein single adjustable rear shocks.

The new fuel cell is a NASCAR road race 22 gallon cell with a fuel box in the center with trap doors.

Below is a list of all the parts I found receipts for when I bought the car.  The lower list is stuff that he didn't have receipts for that I estimated.

Pictures below are more recent:

ClearOne Plexiglass window


Custom firewall


Brake cooling, new OEM hubs (60 track miles ago).

BeCool radiator, Setrab oil cooler, power steering cooler.

Inner fenders have been removed to accommodate huge tires.

Frame rails have been cut to accommodate fuel cell.


Last turn at Eagle's Canyon


Stock bottom end with head port/polish/valve job with .010 milling by Straley Racing in Dallas, PA.  2.02 exhaust valves, Comp Cams guideplates, 7/16 rocker arm studs, R-series roller lifters, 1.6 stainless steel rockers, TFS chromoly 7.200 pushrods, ARP headbolts, LT4 composite valve covers

Custom grind Comp Cam

30lb FMS fuel injectors

Cloyes double roller timing set

95+ Optispark dist.

Electric water pump

High flow MAF

Jet Hot coated Hooker long tube competition headers

BeCool aluminum radiator

Accell 300+ ignition

Modified 95 crankshaft hub with machined cam keyway

LT4 clutch and lightweight flywheel

PCM tuning by PCM4less (Bryan Herter was the guru of LT1 tuning and he hit it dead on, as confirmed by local dyno facility)

Setrab 48 row oil cooler with braided SS lines, thermostat

Moroso solid engine mounts

Custom Spiro 8mm plug wires

98 LS1 aluminum driveshaft

New LT4 starter

Power steering cooler

SLP twin tube intake with K&N filters


LG fully adjustable front lower control arms with rod end bushings

Global West tubular upper control arms with Delrin bushings

Ground control coil over conversion (800lb front/200 lb rear)

Koni double adjustable front/single adj rear shocks

1LE sway bars with urethane bushings/mounts + extra 23mm rear bar

Spohn adj rear control arms with rod end bushings

Spohn HD torque arm with DS loop and rod end

RK panhard bar

17" CCW 3 piece wheels with forged centers (10.5 front/11 rear)

Torsen limited slip with 3.73 ring/pinion, T/A aluminum cover with bearing supports


Z06 twin piston front calipers with Rippie stainless steel pistons

60 miles since front and rear rotors were turned, spare set of fronts

60 miles on Hawk pads with a variety of new/used pads

ABS deleted, proportion valve to rear installed at master cylinder


Custom cage with door bars (1.75 OD .120 wall DOM)

10 lb fire system

Custom Autometer gauges, oil pressure/battery warning lights, battery disconnect

Pro 5.0 shifter

Kirkey aluminum seat

5 pt cam lock harness, window nets

I/O Port rear seat brace

Sparco suede steering wheel with quick release hub

Scanmaster (you can see all the ECM data realtime, you can see it in front of the steering wheel on the video with red LED letters)

My contributions to the car:

New forged CCW wheel centers

Mufflex Y-Pipe

Lexan rear window

Further weight reduction (now 3150 lbs with fuel)

ATL fuel cell and firewall

Canton road race oil pan

Brake cooling ducts

Oil catch can

Odyssey racing battery

Ground effects and headlight covers to reduce drag

Mini-tub to fit new huge 13" tires all around

Hundreds upon hundreds of hours of labor!!

Title is clean.  I moved to Texas from Michigan and drove the car on the street with temp tags to avoid the inspection.  You could throw a plate on it and drive it to the track in MI, though I wouldn't recommend it!  Front headlights have been removed, as well as the rear brake light wiring, but I still have the harness.  It would be easy to re-wire.  I have a dealer service manual for the car.

The car still only has 12,820 original miles.  I change oil between every track day.  It's always synthetic racing oil and always comes out clean. 

The RacePak G2X GPS Data recorder and dash display will be removed from the car or can be purchased for an additional $600.  Final bidder must make $500 Paypal deposit within 24 hrs of auction close and pick car up within 7 days of auction close.


Valve job on heads 233.57
Gaskets from dealership 63.07
Helmet hook and labels 19.48
Window net and harness clips 107.55
Gauge Labels 48.42
Pedal set 45.45
Cable from dealership 43.65
Air deflector 50
Head bolts, Rocker arms, Guide plates, Spark plug wires 413.53
Fuel filter and radiator hose 22.27
Steering wheel (Sparco) 182.88
Battery (Odyssey) 179.99
Sway bar 79.95
Water pump (Meziere) 203.45
Reservoir 26.76
Valve shims 54.38
Steering wheel quick disconnect, seat bracket, mirror 337
Pro 5.0 shifter 167.99
Molding 38.41
Brake pads 110.88
Timing cover and oil pan gasket 63.75
Rim polish and powder coat 147.25
Koni 18.48
Adjustable Panhard bar, letters 395.9
Double Adjustable Konis 635
Spohn torque arm 451.93
Control arms 796
End links 44.97
Cam grind (Based off CC306) 245.7
Distributor (More modern Opti-Spark) 614.95
Z06 Calipers 195.28
Air deflector (Wings West) 77
Z06 Calipers and rotors and kit 517.94
Toggle switch 4.95
Proportioning valve 58.43
Rotors (OEM) 224.51
Rotors (OEM) 226.51
Brake lines and pistons 191.71
Wheel studs 65.65
Tow hooks 78.79
Starter and Valve covers 458.64
Rockers, studs, crank hub 361.93
Driveshaft 162
Gauges and header gaskets 182.75
Water pump conversion 143.98
Versa shield and wire looms 97.59
ID plates 42.87
Plug wires 68.97
Flywheel bolts 34.89
Ignition, plug wires, spring retainers, 621.39
Oil adapter and fittings 56.45
Be-Cool Radiator, injectors, and timing set 791.59
ID plate 12.95
O2 sensor extension, header bolts 105.94
Oil thermostat 98.5
Oil 16.44
Fittings 176.07
Wrench set, prop valve, battery switch 226
Flywheel and clutch 550.95
Voltmeter 47.89
Oil temp gauge adapter 54.71
Solid engine mounts 53.95
Bypass kit 14.95
Oil thermostat 44
Fittings 263.5
Fittings 139.5
Heads (Porting) 1455.38
Wheels 900
Headers (Jet Hot coated competition long tube Hooker) 500
MAF sensor 350
SLP Intake 230
Scanmaster 250
Tires 400
Torsen and install 800
Throttle body 300