2005 in pictures

I only took this picture because it's a TV show named after me with big ads in the mall.  People have told me we look alike.  I don't think so, I just knew when I saw it that it was a photo op.

Our new furniture.

My temporary drumset. 

A new chair that looks bigger than my Miata!

My first back yard lizard

I put new harnesses in the Miata.  I've had the seats for years, I bought them for what is now being called the TV-1.  They don't have harness slots, and are somewhat cheap fabric, so I decided to give them a home in the Miata.  I had one in the Saturn Coupe, along with a cheap Jegs harness.  That was a joke, I admit it.  This car was actually way overdue.   There is a long right hand sweeper at Texas Motorsports Ranch that pushes me to the door and distracts me from feeling what the car is doing.  They make getting in a pain, but they are super light and dropped 30 lbs out of the car.

Only in Texas does a full size Christmas tree fit on a window sill!

Thanksgiving dinner.

My first bird!

Dinner at....Texas Roadhouse of course!

The grassy knoll downtown Dallas.

Hanging out at the track the day after Thansksgiving.  The temp was in the 70's!


Friend Dave Brouwer, (he owns the truck and trailer)


Giving rides with 365 rear wheel horsepower on tap.....PRICELESS!!!

Check out the date.  I drove a windowless Camaro to the dyno shop in mid December.  Unbelievable.