2005 in pictures

Click here for two more pictures from Glamis.

Race car #1

Race car #2

Oh baby!

Race car #3

What is it they say, two race cars in every garage?

The EP Miata at Gingerman Raceway.

The Bimmer at Gingerman Raceway.

The Bimmer broken on the track at Gingerman Raceway waiting for a tow.  It happened directly in front of the pits where Rhonda and her parents were watching from.  Doh!

US Grand Prix.  Let's face it, (no pun intended), you won't find this kind of loyalty at a NASCAR race.  Especially the flags.  Kind of a European thing.

The Bimmer, the late Saturn Coupe, and Dad's pick-up.  All lowered, riding on +2 wheels.  If that's not a Kodak moment, I don't know what is....

The '48 Chev.

En route somewhere in North Dakota.

The donor vehicle for the '48. 

Where the '48 waits patiently for me to get around to it.

This is what family get togethers look like for the Verploegens.  From front to back: Jaguar V12, Verploegens.  : )

Dad and I running for pizza in the new Miata over Memorial Day Weekend.  Click here for pictures of the roll cage I just built for the car.

Rhonda and I atop Mt. Belford, 14,000 feet and some change above sea level.  She had energy for one more.  I was done!

The Bimmer at the bottom of Mt. Belford.

Grand Canyon.

After playing in our first snow this year.

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