1999 BMW 328i

For years we have been talking about getting another car, but always putting it two years out..  In the last several years, we have gone from RAV4, Lexus IS300, to Mazda 6, to Freelander, to Scion.  But BMW has been emerging as the car we would most love to have, but never thought we’d be able to afford.  We finally got to the planning stage, and started saving for a car in Spring.  One day a friend at work was showing us a website where many enthusiasts list their classifieds.  The website is called Roadfly.com.  We were looking at used 3 series in our price range, and a thumbnail caught my eye.  It had “the look” and all the goodies that go along with it.  18” wheels, lowered suspension, lightweight flywheel, short throw shifter, integrated radar detector with front and rear sensors.  This car was amazing, and owned by a BMW technician.  He put over $5000 worth of goodies in the car, and no one gets paid back for those when you sell a car.


We did some serious thinking, and decided that a car this well set up was not going to come along again.  I flew out to pick it up in Massachusetts.  Not only was the car loaded with goodies, it also came with original wheels with great snow tires, another set of tires, a sport bumper, and all kinds of new spare parts.  The guy selling it didn’t think I could get it all in, but he hadn’t met a Verploegen before.  I had the car loaded to the hilt, and managed to make it home without getting arrested.



Yup, I got it all in!

The car is unbelievable.  We may never be able to buy American again.  It wraps you in comfort and elegance in ways we had never thought possible.  It’s 6 years old and it has no rattles!  Try that, General Motors!  The variable valve timing is superb, and the suspension even more so.  It truly is the ultimate driving machine.

I recently had the bumpers and ground effects re-painted on Rhonda's car.  They were pretty scratched up.  I also added M3 mirrors.  The mirrors were the most dated piece of the car.  M3 mirrors took years off of it.  The car just turned 10 years old, and we are still obsessed with it! 

These look like they belong on a 1985 7 series, not on a late 90's 3 series.



Peanut was playing peacefully during my photo shoot!



Saying goodbye (10/2009) - At 10 years old and 150,000 miles, it was started to scare me.