Click here for pictures of my first bike.

1997 Honda CBR 600 f3

The important stuff first.  400 lbs with fuel, 95 HP (I dynoed it before I even brought it home.) 



These are before pictures.  Soon it will be much lighter and much better looking.

This is Valentino Rossi.  He's my new hero.  He's the fastest in the world, and until this year, he was on the fastest bike: Honda.  I love the colors on this bike, and I'm painting mine similar, just without the cool sponsorship.  This is the only photo I have found of the Repsol Honda where the wheels are the darker orange.


Here are a couple more versions.  Quite often the wheels were the lighter orange, and lately they have been black.  I don't know the exact chronology.

This is the paint scheme I'm thinking about.  (Done in MS Paint, real high quality rendering software!)  : )  Notice the powder coated wheels, done with the Eastwood Hotcoat kit.

I am currently working on an aluminum rear frame.  Stay tuned, I will try to keep this site current.

OK, I've been pretty busy this year, the bike took priority over the website.  How about we jump to the final product on the track?

You can read about my crash on September of 2004 here.

And it took over a year and a half to get around to working on it again, but here is the new paintjob: