1996 SC2

Here it is: my entrance onto the sport compact car scene.  I bought it with some damage to the front, and with a salvaged title.  I also sold the bags back to the guy, as I won't need them.  I have all the parts to complete it.  It has been undergoing a serious weight reduction program, including lightweight seats, removal of sunroof, (yep, I welded it shut) removal of decklid hinges, and many other non-essential items.  The emblems are being shaved, and it will probably be lowered next year. 

I machined a custom hub for the Momo steering wheel.  Would you believe they didn't make one?  : )


I recently got one seat mounted.

3/3/03 - Well, it's been a fun project, but I am moving on.  The Saturn engine program has come to an end.  I bought an Ecotec, and it makes much more sense to be using this engine for my racing program than the Saturn engine.  So now I will assemble the engine, put the car back together, paint it, and sell it.  Since I won't be turbocharging it, I am going to try to put the flat valves in the new style head to bring the compression to 10.2:1, throw the factory header on it, and call it good.


Pictures at Grattan Raceway, 2004.

12/21/03 - As I write this, I have been driving the car for a month or two.  I decided to drive it in Winter to keep the pick-up away from salt.  I don't have much in it, and used cars aren't worth much lately.  The engine runs strong, and the car weighed in at 2180 with a half tank of gas!  The engine sounds like it has a piston slap.  It makes a bad noise as I pass through part throttle.  If I press harder, it goes away.  It makes the same sound as I begin to lift, but once I lift completely, it goes away.  If I drive it full throttle, no noise.  Sounds like a no brainer, huh?

8/20/04 - In May of this year, the knocking had gotten severe, and she went down in glory taunting a Mustang.  I'm sure it was a V-6 Mustabg, but that's no excuse.  It turned out to be two rod bearings.  At 90,000 miles.  Go Saturn.  I rebuilt a SOHC to get it on the road quick.  Had the head milled .027 to pep it up a bit.  It runs good.  I lowered it this year with Eibachs.  It looks great now, but I really need new struts, it jumps around a lot over the bumps.  The only thing left to do now is mild tint.