1993 Chevy Silverado

Finally, the biggest news is the new pick-up.  Forget the "Who Needs A Pick-up?" series, because the truth was inevitable.  I DO!  But the story here is significant.  Years ago I tried to build a worn out abused pick-up into something that I couldn't afford up front.  In typical Kyle fashion, I kept throwing money at it for years.  The requirement then was that I needed a work truck that satisfied the need for a hot rod as well.  I wanted something that looked normal, but could take on moderate street competition, namely Mustangs.  I went to extraordinary lengths to make it into what it wasn't.  I shortened it by a foot between the axles to make it look like a short box, and converted it to a manual transmission.  The page for that pick-up is here.  In the end, it was always a rotted old vehicle underneath from the salt which made many parts impossible to remove or replace, and I left it in Michigan.  I have a page about it here.  Before we moved here, I looked for months for a pick-up on Auto-Trader within 500 miles of where we were moving to, knowing it would be salt free.  I use Auto-Trader primarily because it is one of the few auto classified sites that lets you select manual transmission.  The things I won't compromise on were:  Chevy, 1988-1998 body style, short box, regular cab, fleet side, manual transmission, 2WD.  Color pretty much had to white, blue, or black.  If I found one, it was always a V6.  I think I once found a 305, but it was in rough shape.  Add 350 to the requirements, and the chances of finding one anywhere in the country was very slim.  Then one turns up not even 5 miles from our house on the side of the road on our way to work.  Sure I wasn't shopping, but I know how rare even the few requirements I could see from the road were.  The thing was CLEAN!  Turns out it's a manual.  Hmmm.  Called the guy, and it's also a 350!  And it's white.  You know the rest of the story.  Except for the fact that it has been kept so clean it looks like it has just been restored, and the guy was fanatical about maintenance and has replaced just about everything.  And it has custom wheels that don't look bling! (always a requirement for anything in my fleet).  All for $3400.  Unbelievable.

Rhonda said it feels completely comfortable to come home and see this in the driveway.

Back end needs to come down an inch or two.

I've spent so many hours under this hood, it's just weird to see it this clean.

AC that works.  Whoa!

I've never seen one of these.  It's a work light on a spool that has a wind-up cord.  Too cool!

How do you keep an interior this clean for 14 years?

Power windows?  And they work?  I haven't come down from my cloud yet.