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1998 GMC Sierra

After going pick-up less for a couple years in college, I started itching to get back in the saddle again.  Real life was approaching and how would I become a homeowner without a tailgate?  One day Rhonda and I were out driving and we noticed a ~1996 metallic blue shortbox fleetside parked in front of someone's house.  It looked really clean and sharp, and we both thought, "That would fit me well."  No really, she really did think it too!  : )  Anyway, I thought to myself, "That body style has been around forever, yet we both knew it was a new pick-up from the trim and the clean appearance."  That's when I decided to move on to the next phase of customizing.  Trick out an old work pick-up to look like something worth way more than what I paid for it. 

So I set out to find the oldest and cheapest of that body style.  One night some friends came back from the Flint Auto Auction (high class entertainment in Flint) and informed me that there was an older GMC full size pick-up, and it was even white, which was a color I was quite fond of at the time.  It didn't sell that night, and the owner was going to run it one more time the next week.  Well, the next week I went with them, and the next thing you know, I was a pick-up owner again.


I first set out to make the thing run consistently without scaring me.  It was pretty rough.  The odometer said 119,000 miles and some change, but it was broken!  OK, so no idea how old it was.  The engine wasn't the original, but it sure wasn't new.  Man did it run bad!  Every once in a while it would lose all power and electricity, then it would come back.  You know, if it stayed dead, at least you can find a problem.  This was the kind that just taunt you.  And the hood was the best part.  The guy told us that when he was putting the engine in, he had the hood laying in the driveway, and his wife ran over it!  Seemed unlikely, but trust me, there was no other way to describe the appearance of the hood.  But in all ways it embodied what is constant in all of my projects: a challenge. 

It's been about five years now, and it has proven to be a pretty good pick-up.  I never said reliable, but the best projects never are.  Check out the links at the left, and you will understand why reliability is not it's strong suit.




The new wheels I bought for it look a little out of place.





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